Rent-an-OME (Web3)

Not every OME is the same.

Different OMEs represent various tiered memberships within the OME Health ecosystem. The higher tiered your OME is, the better the discounts, deals and health quests rewards you can access.

Here are the 3 overall categories of OMEs that will be available:

  • 'OG' OMEs - a limited first generation of 1,000 OME NFTs released to the very first supporters of OME Health, accessing tier-1 benefits in the OME Health ecosystem. 👉 Get your 'OG' OMEs today on Opensea.

  • 2nd Gen OMEs - upcoming 2nd generation of 10,000 OME NFTs to be released after OME Health public launch in Q2 2023. accessing tier-2 benefits in the OME Health ecosystem.

  • Standard OMEs - a paid subscription user of the OME Health app will receive an OME to access tier-3 standard benefits in the OME Health ecosystem.

Our goal is to impact millions of lives globally, and as such not everyone will be able to purchase or access Tier-1 or 2 OMEs.

The Rent-an-OME marketplace allows OME owners to stake and rent their limited edition OMEs to other users in the platform, receiving part of their subscription fees as rental yield in OME tokens.

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