Investors, Advisors, Partners and Press

OME Health is built by a bio-tech company OSbiome, backed by a strong and diverse team of ex-founders, scientists and engineers and funded by global traditional and Web3 VCs. Our underlying proprietary technologies for DNA sequencing and Machine Learning analysis is fully developed and live in-market.

We currently also have a live working app


  • Entrepreneur First - Global VC with over $5B combined portfolio value

  • Next Humanity Ventures - Running one of Europe’s largest co-working hub

  • VeChain - A L1 protocol focused on authentication and verification on the blockchain.

  • Angel investors -

    • Ex-Senior Blockchain Engineer of one of the largest ICO projects (>$80M raised)

    • Certified Nutritionist


Helping us navigate various key areas and to avoid pitfalls, learning the unknown unknowns.

  • Maurizio Barbieri - Ex-Twitter / Samsung, Head of SEA Partnerships, Gaming and Sports IP

  • Steven Robinson - Partner at Mako & advisor of Oasis Protocol

  • HL Loo - Head of Digital Commerce at Thermo Fisher Scientific



  • Doctor Anywhere - Asia's largest telehealth network provider

  • Alliance Healthcare and MHC Asia - Two of Asia's largest managed healthcare network with 5M corporate client reach

  • Nutritionist Partners accessing over 10K clients

  • Wogi - a global rewards program connecting Omeverse to over a million+ rewards with brands including Adidas, Amazon, Apple etc

  • Xctuality - an immersive metaverse engine

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