Revenue Model

OME Health platform is built on a few pillars of revenue streams.
  1. 1.
    OME Health App subscription
    • Monthly / annual plans which includes :
      • Pre-allocated number of OME tokens every month
      • Global curated food directory based on unique needs
      • Global health VIP pass to access exclusive 1-for-1 or discounts at health food providers (x number of OME tokens to unlock 1 deal)
      • Your very own OME and the gamification features
      • Bio-persona insights and management
  2. 2.
    Additional OME token top-ups
  3. 3.
    Ad campaigns for targeted health brands and services
  4. 4.
    Custom branded campaigns for corporate wellness initiatives
  5. 5.
    On-Chain Transactions
    • % Transaction fees for OME related activities
      • OME rental fee sharing
      • Buying of food or accessories for OMEs
      • Health staking
      • Redemption of rewards
    • % Royalty on secondary NFT sales
  6. 6.
    Data partnerships with research labs
    • Access is given on an aggregated anonymised level, with users having full control over whether they will participate.
    • Participants will be rewarded with OME tokens via a transparent incentive structure
    • Actual data will not be stored on the blockchain, only rights to use and the generated bio-persona