The Art

OMEs are the personification of the millions of microbes that lives within us.

Created and designed by our artist @ningthebun, the 'OG' OME collection is made of 1,000 unique designs that has different hats, skin textures, facial features and accessories. Each of these traits are hand-sculpted in 3D by her with the highest degree of detail.

Amongst the collection, there will also be legendary 1/1s that are specially drawn to shoutout to projects that inspired the #Web3 movement.

The concept of creating a cute, virtual pet is inspired by the viral tamogotchi. Our thesis and observations are that we tend to care more for our pets more than ourselves.

By creating a proxy virtual pet with expressions, wants and story, it is the artist's hope that we can evoke raw emotions and the desire to take care of your OME - and through that take care of yourself.

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