Gamified Experience (Web3)

The biggest enemy to health journey is staying consistent.

To keep the experience fun, engaging and motivating, OME Health employs several core gamification elements.

Daily Health-to-Earn quests

  • OMEs will find their owners daily health quests such as hitting health food goals or completing certain actions.

  • By completing them, users will get rewarded with OME tokens which can be used for both in-game mechanics, redemption of rewards like vouchers and cross-Web3 functions.

Feed, play and take care of your digital pet, OME

  • OMEs, like all pets, need the right amount care and attention. By taking care of your OMEs, they will help find you the most rewarding quests and perks within the OME Health ecosystem.

Health Staking Pools

  • Think you have enough discipline to stay to your health goals? Or just need that additional external pressure? Ome token pools can be created within the community with weekly or monthly health challenges.

  • Participating users can stake the required entry token fee into the pool and those who manage to commit to their health goals will win and split the pool.

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