Bio-persona management (Web3)

We have yet to unleash the full potential of our health and lifestyle data.

Integrated bird-eye-view over our health and lifestyle data

Our current health and lifestyle datasets are collected and stored in fragmented platforms - ie Apple health, medical records, food journals etc. With OME Health, you will be able to integrate both snapshot and longitudinal datapoints and analyse them to uncover brand new insights about your body.

100% ownership and beneficiary of the use of our health data

Aggregated user data is highly valued by corporates and research agencies alike - even more so for health data. Collecting and storing your bio-persona on OME Health gives you

  • full control over the access rights of the data and ;

  • transparent disbursement of incentives and payment in exchange for your health data.

Unlocking limitless use cases with the first ever created bio-persona

With the bio-persona stored on the blockchain, you will have the freedom to move and integrate it into our partner platforms and metaverses. This unlocks limitless use cases such as

  • Alternative financing or credit based on how healthy you are;

  • Virtual or mixed reality shopping with wayfinding to customised products and services;

  • Enhancing resumes to attract potential employers.

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